Oracle E-Business Suite Tablespace Model and the Tablespace Migration Utility (OATM)

Oracle E-Business Suite Tablespace Model and the Tablespace Migration Utility (OATM)

What is OATM ?
The Oracle Applications Tablespace Model (OATM) -- sometimes also called the Oracle E-Business Suite Tablespace Model) -- organizes the EBS database by object type rather than by products.  Prior to OATM, the EBS database had two tablespaces for each product, resulting in 380+ tablespaces.  OATM contains only twelve locally-managed tablespaces.  This simplifies management and requires fewer operating system files.
If you are using a lower version of Oracle EBS you and you want to upgrade to 12 you have possibility to consolidate these tablespace and the utility used for this novel cause is called OATM migration utility steps are documented in MOSC patch number 3942506

Is OATM mandatory?
No, it's optional, but it is recommended that you use OATM to make the management easier

Can I use OATM with EBS 12.2?
The OATM Tablespace Migration Utility cannot be used after you enable Online Patching in EBS 12.2.
If you do not migrate to OATM, you have to  continue to manage your tablespaces separately after enabling Online Patching.

OATM Tablespaces
These are system management tablespaces:
  • undo - Undo data
  • temp  - Temporary data.
  • system  - system tablespace. Holds data dictionary
These are application tablespaces:
  • apps_ts_tx_data - OATM tablespace for transaction tables
  • apps_ts_tx_idx - OATM tablespace for transaction Indexes
  • apps_ts_seed - OATM tablespace for FND objects and indexes.
  • apps_ts_interface - OATM tablespace for Interface and temporary objects apps_ts_summary  - OATM tablespace for "summary management" objects. materialized views.
  • apps_ts_nologging - This OATM tablespace is reserved for materialized views that are dro[pped and re-created in nologging mode.
  • apps_ts_queues - This is the OATM tablespace for advanced queuing objects
  • apps_ts_media  - Multimedia objects
  • apps_ts_archive - Archive purge related objects

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