How to Install Oracle Enterprise Linux (OEL 7) on VirtualBox

Step by Step  How to Install Oracle Enterprise Linux (OEL 7) on VirtualBox

Click here To know how to download Softwares

Click here  To know more about how to create a Virtual Machine Using Oracle VirtualBox


Create and Configure your virtual machine following the steps described in how-to-create-new-virtual-machine-with. Check Step 9 in this post to select the Installation Source ISO Image and then Power On your virtual machine to boot it from OEL7 iso Image


Just wait for the Next Screen


Just Click continue on this Screen to proceed further


This is the Screen where you can choose and customize various Options / Packages before you proceed for the Installation


Click on LOCALIZATION and select appropriate Region , City, Time Format and Date and click done


On this Screen select  "I will configure partationing " and click done


Create following partations

                  /        15 GB
                 /boot  1 GB
                /swap  5 GB
               /tmp     5 GB
              /u01      25 GB

Click done once you are happy with the required partations. You can customize partations according to your requirements and availiable space


Click Accept changes to proceed further


On this page configure IP addresses for availiable NIC. Since I will use this Server for Oracle RAC Installation I have 2 NIC. Eth0 (enp0s3) I will use for public Network and eth1 (enp0s8) I will use for private interconnect

Select the NIC Card you want to configure and click configure

on General Tab ensure "Automatically connect to this Network when it is availiable " is checked.
"All user may connect to this Network " is checked

Go to tab IPV4 Settings. Click add and enter desired IP address and and Net Mask. In mý case it is and Mask is

leave the DNS Server and Search Domain Field empty

Go to IPV6 Settings tab and choose ignore from the drop down list-

Click Save.


Select the 2nd NIC and configure it for Private Interconnect similarly as described in step 9 and click save

I am using IP and Net mask for private Interconnect

Enter the hostname ( in my case) and click apply.

Click done


Choose  "Software Selection" link and pick the following options if you want a GUI console.
  • Base Environment > Server with GUI
  • Add-Ons for Selected Environment > Compatibility Libraries
  • Add-Ons for Selected Environment > Development Tools
Once you have completed your selections, click the "Done" button.

Step 12:

Once you have completed your alterations to the default configuration, click the "Begin Installation" button.

On this Screen you can set the root Password and also you can create a New user


Once the Installation is completed click on Reboot Button


On this Screen click Licence Information link and accept the licence. Create New user if  you have not created so far

Once you are done click on Finish Configuration


Follow the Steps to adopt the language and so on.......


Disable SELinux

  • disabled or switched to permissive. To do this edit the "/etc/selinux/config" file, making sure the SELINUX flag is set as follows.

Disable Firewall

  • If the OS is to be used for an Oracle installation, it is easier if the firewall is disabled. This can be done by issuing the following commands from a terminal window as the "root" user.
    # systemctl stop firewalld
    # systemctl disable firewalld

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