How to Create a New Virtual Machine with Oracle Virtual Box

Create New Virtual Machine Using Oracle Virtual Box

Step by Step how to Create Virtual Machine using Virtualbox


Open Oracle Virtual Box -> Click New

               Provide Name, Type and Version as shown in the image below and click Next

     Adjut memory (RAM) as per the requirement and availablity  and click Next. Remember to leave enough memory for the host OS to work properly.


     Accept the option to create a new virtual hard drive by clicking the "Create"  (erzeugen) button.


     Accept Default and clic next (weiter)



    Accept the dynamically allocated option by clicking the "Next" (weiter) button.


     If you don't want to use the defaults, enter the required location, name and size of the virtual disk and click the "Create" (erzeugen) button.



   Select the VM created just now and click (Ă„ndern) modify/change

     go to Extended (erweitert) Option and Chose bidirectional 

    Choose the Installation media disk


Go to Network and make the changes as shown below.

You can add up to 4 Network adaptor if you Need more Network Card just nevigate to the Adapter2, Adapter3 etc tab abd activate it and make the changes accordingly.


Once you are done with the changes click Ok and click power on to boot the VM