How to Install RAC Database 12cR2

Installing RAC Database 12cR2

Once you are done with Grid Infrastructure Installation, you are ready to install Oracle database binaries. The steps are very simple and you them right here

Step by Step RAC Database 12cR2 Installation.

Step1. Transfer the zipped database binaries to the target Server  (staging location) using your prefered method eg. Winscp

Step2. Unzip the binary at target Machine using the target Server Utility eg. unzip

$ unzip

Note:- Do not unzip at source and then Transfer it to target.

Step3. Run Oracle Universal Installer  (OUI) by invoking  runInstaller from staging Location as Oracle user and follow the OUI instruction

$ ./runInstaller

Uncheck the security updates checkbox and click the "Next" button. Accept the warning by clicking yes

Select Install Database Software only Option and click next. If you want to install the Software and create the database as well then choose the Option accordingly.

Select Oracle RAC database Installation and click Next

At this Screen select all the nodes in Cluster and proceed by clicking Next

Choose Enterprise Edition and click Next

Select appropriate Oracle Base and Oracle Home and click Next

Select appropriate OS Group and click Next

Ensure that all the Prerequisite Checks has been met and you are happy with the Summary then click on Install to start the Installation

Execute on bot the nodes as root user and respond to yes once you are done with execution

You are done with the Installation just click Close to Close the OUI.

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