Oracle Launches worlds first fully automated database oracle 18c

Oracle launches 18c, its autonomous database and automated cybersecurity system

Oracle chief technology officer Larry Ellison unveiled the company's autonomous database called 18c in the oracle OpenWorld as well as a cybersecurity system that rides shot gun with it.

Key Takeaway from the seminar

  • Oracle autonomous database runs on Exadata Infrastructure
  • Provides total Automation based on machine learning
  • Oracle 18c is available on-premise, in Oracle's public cloud and cloud at customer
  • warehouse version of Oracle 18c is available in December 2017. The OLTP version will be available in June 2018.
  • Online scaleup and scaledown of resouces eg CPU

Autonomous Database For Datawarehouse Oracle 18c

  • Availiable from December2017
  • Fully Automated provisioning, patch,upgrade and Tune while the database is running
  • Eliminates human labour and therefore human error
  • Minimize h/w resource consumption
  • Guaranteed half the cost for the same workload running at Amazon
  • Guaranteed 99.995% availablily

Autonomous Database For OLTP Oracle 18c

  •  Availiable from June2018 
  • Fully Automated provisioning, patch,upgrade and Tune while the database is running
  •  Handels OLTP and mixed workloads
  •  provision Mission Critical with high performance and 99.995% availablily
  •  Provision Low Cost for non critical workloads eg test or dev

    Click Here to see the Oracle OpenWorld webcast

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