ORA-03113: end-of-file on communication channel

How do I fix this ORA-03113 error?

I executed oerr Utility and here is the Output

$oerr ora 03113

ORA-03113: end-of-file on communication channel

Cause: The connection between Client and Server process was broken.

Action: There was a communication error that requires further investigation.  

So as you can see from Action it is clearly pointing that it is a communication error which requires further Investigation

I will give you here some importent tip which will help you to solve this issue

open the database alertlog and look for any additional error message. Rosolving the additional Problem apearing in the alertlog will resolve this issue.

There could be several possible reasons of ORA-03113

  • Server machine crashed
  • Oracle internal Errors
  • Flash recover area is full
  • Process has been aborted
  • Session has been killed
  • Client incorrectly handling multiple Connections
  • Network related issues
  • Oracle Database is crashed or crashing while starting

As you can see the list is quite Long and therefore to successfully troubleshoot the issue you must look into the database logfile and/or tracefile and try to grap the additional error message which is causing ORA-03113.

If you have any question or you are struggeling with ORA-03113 leave me your message/comment in comment box below. I will feel houner to assist you to resolve your queries/issues

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